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Review for TRAPPED
29 Dec 2022
Some good imagination at work, bit rough but some nice fresh ideas.

Review for Glass
10 Jul 2022
The situation you find yourself in is cool. Loved it.

Review for Nevermore
13 Apr 2022
The most outstanding thing is the vivid and poetic descriptions of places and events. Though the text needs a bit of editing the imagery comes through very well and I thought it was a great experience with a good story. You often wonder how Van Gogh kept going with no recognition in his lifetime, maybe this is the answer (?) So it is ambitious, fresh and a lot like van Gogh's paintings in style, but painted with words. I have to admit that at the time of writing this my mic was muted so I missed all the in-game music, so I am sure the music's great but not needed to enjoy it.

Review for Lost Cavern
05 Jan 2022
Fun game of exploration. I have found the puzzles fairly easy, progress is fairly steady when the game is mapped but am stuck at the bees. I was hoping to move all the baskets out of the way and find a fully functioning bee keeper's suit underneath :D Nice game that sucked me in.


Review for Galatea
02 Feb 2019
I gave this five stars because it's the first IF I've played that made me care about conversing with a character in a meaningful way. I always like it when story unfolds through dialogue as well. You have to ASK about or Tell about so its quite simple - listen to what she says and pick up on key words. There are nice little goals that flash up for future plays and an interesting development. I suppose what's happening in the game in many ways is what's happening in reality - your talking to a work of art. To enjoy it you need to feel empathy and be intrigued by her story. Now I shut up.

03 Aug 2017
I found the experience so imaginative and rewarding that it rendered any goal or purpose unnecessary.

Felt like I learnt something, thanks.

Review for The Last Great Tree
07 Feb 2017
It was an interesting experience -the way I feel about the experience is - I have more questions than answers but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I would have liked more choices so that I felt more invested in it, then the outcome would have mattered more.

19 Jan 2017
Amazing writing - totally engaging.

Review for Dream
25 Sep 2016
Great, very funny - just the right length because you need to remember where you've been and no one wants to make notes - top job TRiKi!

Review for Train
28 May 2016
Great experience, well done. Can't say I understood it but I enjoyed playing it which is the main thing. Gave me a kick in the right direction because it reminds me of an idea I had for a game, so I'll get working on it soon.

17 Aug 2015
Very intriguing descriptions, kind of game to get lost in. Though it is obviously quite complex, I'll definitely play it again I think.

29 Mar 2015
Good game. I'm only at knottingham and I've no idea how big the game is but I've found the game nicely balanced (as long as you're familiar with the genre and don't mind hackin away to find the specific words). I love the theme a lot, which helps and the brilliant way the game opens at the start really draws people in I think - somehow you create a kind of motion. The puzzles are logical but the results are never entirely predictable - this is a very hooky style. Nice work.

I enjoyed that.. quite inspirational, nice work

Review for The last alliance
01 Feb 2015
Enjoyed - you made an ambitious topic simple and easy to grasp. Your writing style hooks the reader nicely. Makes me want to do a Tolkien text adventure.

Review for Endless, Nameless
15 Jan 2014
cool retro atmosphere. Very funny and interesting..