Deep Sand (pilot) (unfinished) by Odeon

hello there, this is my text game, it is unfinished, but playable, goal is to free a village from a huge dragon, contain's travelling with pirates, gambling, fighting with dragon's, assasins etc. let me know if you like the idea!

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Review by LinaLyssic
16 May 2011
Hey, I played your game and I don't know whether I'm stuck, since the game isn't finished. I must say your spelling is very bad, ever heard of capitals? Also, you typed: an huge dragon. It doesn't make much sense either, the man in cape is waving and smile but when you speak to him he tries to stab you? I've got the dagger, green dragon armor and the young blue dragon. Can I do anything else? Btw; I might sounds negative but it was enjoyable at the same time. I'd give you 2,5 stars but that's not really possible...

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Added 15 May 2011