Oh no! by lostguitarpick

Don't let things escalate!...or do. A simple game and the first I've made. There may be some mistakes in it. All feedback is welcome :) Headphones are highly recommended but not required. Art by Maojoe.

NOTE: There are some mistakes and things that don't work and I would fix them if only I knew how. No matter what I do it doesn't seem to work :(

Thank you for all the positive reviews and ratings. I know that this game isn't everyone's cup of tea (or cup of milk, hahaha) but it's my first game and it means a lot to me that you like it. I'm happy you want a sequel and I might make one, but it won't be coming out anytime soon.

Till then, I will try my best to fix the mistakes.

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Review by Franceybean
23 Mar 2016
Really funny! I was actually about to save myself after eating a phone by drinking milk, but then it wouldn't let me drink it from the cartoon and made me use a cup, killing me.

Review by pizzaforthewin
28 Sep 2014
It was awesome even after eating a phone my first try =D

Review by DxrpVxdr
16 Mar 2014
Great game, had a lot of fun playing it. Really well made and the sound and text effects made it feel a lot more interactive

Review by the chosen one
16 Mar 2014
You are so so so rude -__- I hate you. And I'm not a dumbass idiot.

Review by dudeguy
06 Feb 2014
awesome best ever

Review by Claire6129
29 Jan 2014
You should make a sequel!
Ps, please check out my games, "Lost Dog", "Slender Park", "Memory Path", What Happened?", etc.

Review by Paper Asssassin
04 Jan 2014
Great Game. Had fun.

Review by norwalis
25 Nov 2013
amazing game i suggest you make a sequal

Review by Reidolol
14 Nov 2013
Bad game. There some problems:
-Many things: Its annoying have many things
-Some things dont work
Everyone will see problems

Review by bukimi
14 Nov 2013
Not bad, but a few things don't work right. You still die when you have extra soul to sell and pizza delivery does not appear at the front door after calling them. You can't get pizza with any command there (only front door as object)...

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