THE 39 STEPS by kingcreole12

Your name is Richard Hanway, a retired mining engineer, bored with having a life of inactivity in London. That changed one evening in early May when an American named Scadder, who lived in the flat above yours, burst into your living room with an unbelievable tale of killers, spies and murder! He was in such a state that you allowed him to take refuge in your flat. Over the next few days he told you about a secret organisation called "Black Stone", and about a little black book, written in code and pinpointing their Headquarters.

However, returning late from your club one evening, you find the American on the floor of your living room, dying of stab wounds.

You decide to continue the fight against Scudder's murderers and as the strange circumstances surrounding his death could only make you the logical suspect, you resolve to journey to Scotand in the morning because according to the American the anarchists have a hide out there. But watching the flat are two men. Are they they killers?

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Review by blindexplorer
23 Jul 2018
Looked promising at first. Descended into utter frustration quite quickly. The carrying limit makes leaving the Flat a killjoy, even after you've found the keys. Why would there be a carry limit when travelling from London to Scotland by train? Wouldn't Hanway* just pack a bag? (The rational option.) There are too many possible variations of pick ups & drops in the Flat, not helped by trying to beat the clock before he has to sleep / catch the train. Having to check the watch is a pain too. After trying numerous combos of carry-items, I still couldn't get past the (unlocked) Front Door. There's a fine balance in making a game stimulating and putting players off from going further. Shame because the Hitchcock film and the book are great.

*BTW, in the book the main character is called Richard Hannay.

Review by jonbardi81
07 Oct 2016
Very enjoyable, if a bit tricky

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Published 04 Oct 2016