Daylife - The First Night by Caelifer

In this survival game, you find yourself somewhere out in the woods with nothing but a knife. You feel that something is out to get you. You don't know what it is and if there's any escape from it at all.

You are in a place of certain death.

Can you survive the day?

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Review by konepo
27 Jan 2016
I really liked the game and the way it goed but i think you can improve the game by adding like...A map,thirsty bar or hunger bar...Something like that.Anyway i liked the game and i hope that the second part comes soon enough!!!

Review by MisterPibb316
22 May 2015
Some varied commentary:

* The writing style is, in my mind, perfect. It immerses you into feeling that the character is indeed you, and even though you never learn why you're in the predicament you're in, the journey to get out of it proves to be quite an engaging one in and of itself.
* This gamebook does commit what is generally considered a boo boo: it almost always only greets you with two choices. Fortunately, I had fun in anticipating whether I made the correct decision or not. It's like choosing between door #1 or door #2 on a game show, except that this is a matter of life and death. I also appreciated that you may have to revisit old choices to progress.
* I'd argue that this is more of a survival horror game than a mystery (not that that's a problem!).
* This is a 15-minuteish experience. Fortunately, it is a rather immersive 15-minute experience.
* I rank releases that are only, say, one chapter as if they are full games: I review by the standard of this being a full release, and not just one chapter. As a chapter, I'd happily give this 4-stars. As a full game... the writing style is engaging enough to be worth at least a 3, bite-sized length or not.

Review by Lahoya
23 Mar 2015
Exciting and great work! Especially the story.

Review by GJ
16 Feb 2015
Really fantastic work! I love, how you used exactly the right amount of text- not too much and not too less.
And the pictures are just great! The suit perfectly to the scenarios and increase the atmosphere of the game.
After all, 5/5.

And just like Wallflower, I'd totally buy one of you books. :)

Review by Wallflower
31 Jan 2015
Love love LOVE it! The story is so powerful, the character feels so real, and it is challenging enough to keep me on my toes. I'm truly satisfied. Well done sir.

PS: If you ever write a book or a novel, I'm a sure buyer.

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