Reviews by GJ

Review for Deeper
20 Jan 2016
Awesome game!

Hard to belive something like this is possible to make in Quest.
You set a new milestone in this scene.

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
07 Aug 2015
This is by far the very best game I ever saw on this side!

Review for El Presidenté
29 Apr 2015
Very great game! But be honest- you got inspired by "Tropico", didn't you? :)

01 Mar 2015
Very great game! I love the drawings and animations and the background-noises. I love the concept and the way you write. It's just perfect!

17 Feb 2015
Really good game! I love the dice-system and the writhing.
Very well done!

16 Feb 2015
Really fantastic work! I love, how you used exactly the right amount of text- not too much and not too less.
And the pictures are just great! The suit perfectly to the scenarios and increase the atmosphere of the game.
After all, 5/5.

And just like Wallflower, I'd totally buy one of you books. :)

07 Feb 2015
The "hacking"-idea was quiet fine, but there are WAY to less options. Also it's too $hort.
Now for the graphics: It's REALLY cool, that you use them, but you have to work very hard on the quality.

Ich schließe mich größtenteils der Meinung von Pertex an.

Review for Dork
30 Jan 2015
Absolute cool game! It took me a wile, until I checked every way.
The writing is super-fun and the little drawings are cute.
It's a bit short, but anyway- 5/5


But the devils "fist" looks like a dong.

Review for The Player
29 Jan 2015
Very good (and somehow cute) game!
It gave me a few laughs and WTF's.
Good writing and fun events. And to think, that you only used it for learning about Quest.
Very great.

Review for becomeachefmaster
27 Jan 2015
Very fun game, it really is!
But where you ever in a kitchen? Well, I was a chef. And for example I can guarantee, that you need a few more things than just an onion and water, to make onion soup ;')

In fact, this game has nothing to do with being a real chef. But it's fun to read and the texts are pretty fun, so 3/5


Review for 99 Red Ballons
25 Jan 2015
This game is... poor.

I mean: Of course, it's your first game. My first (and yet only) game sucks too. But at least I put some effort in it! Not to say the whole thing is bad...
But the historical facts are just THAT wrong. Also the German translations are.
My English also isn't the best, but I don't just use Google translate!

Maybe, if you do a second part I could help you out with the translations (German is not my native language, but I guess I can help you out better, than Google does).

Please don't be mad at me. I hope you understand what I think. If you want my help with another game (maybe even the "2.0"-Version of this game!), just write a comment at this game. I'd be happy to help out. :')

Review for Minecraft
25 Jan 2015
I don't know what to tell about this... Did you inadvertently published the game? Or why is there a room where you can do NOTHING at all?

Also don't use the game description as a description for the first page...

I'm sorry to tell, but what else can I give to a game which as absolutely NO content, but 1/5?

Review for Thief
18 Jan 2015
Very great game, especially since it's your first. I hope there is going to be a sequel part, because I love your work. Very well done!

It's kind of annoying when you always have to press "continue" on the beginning, but the rest of the game is really well done. The "trailer" on the end makes me want to play whole game. Good work!

17 Jan 2015
Really good writing and great choices. I know this game is a few months old, but I hope for an update anyway.

Review for Fatal Island Part 2
16 Jan 2015
Wow. The second part came faster than I though. And it was as great as the first, so again 5/5.

Review for Twitter: The Game
16 Jan 2015
Pretty fun game, but is there any point or something?

And may I ask what font did you use?

Review for Camp Stabbiwaka
16 Jan 2015
You rule Peter. There is really NOTHING I can say against this game. The horror came up really good and the music suited perfectly to the scenarios. Also the texts were long, but not boring. There is not much I can say. I'd give six stars, if I could.

Review for No mans land
23 Dec 2014
I just LOVE this game! The writing is very well done, also the story. It reminds me of "All quiet on the western front", I guess you were inspired by this book.

Even though you said, that you don't want the game to be to long, maybe you can make another part? This would be awesome. 5/5

Review for Zombolocaust
12 Dec 2014
This game is really good, I love how you use the graphics, it makes the whole thing more interesting (the sounds of course too). I'm really looking forward to the next part!

Review for Fatal Island Part 1
07 Dec 2014
Very great game! I love how you write and the different endings. Also I liked the colors you used, they make it easier for me to read. And the best of all: There is going to be a second part. If it is going to be only half as good as this one, it'll deserve a 5/5 too. Very well done!