Giantess' Hotel by HiImSteveHarvey

(I do NOT own any of the art displayed in this text adventure.)
Giantess' Hotel... The greatest place for a giantess to relax without regular sized people always getting in there way. And guess what... You have been hired as the first human to work at the hotel! Try not to die on your first day on the job!
(I can't believe that's something I have to warn someone working at a hotel. : ^ )
Boss: Wyatt get in here now!
Wyatt: Yes madam?
Boss: the elevator's broken again, and I have the strange felling that you were involved.
Wyatt: I can not deny that I wasn't...B-but don't worry, or fire me, I've hired someone to fix it.
Wyatt: And that's where you come in!
You: (How am I supposed to fix an elevator at a giantess hotel) look.
Wyatt: Well... The thing is-is that I think I lost the pieces t fix it... And a bunch of the guests stole them.
You: (Really? [Ya piece of shit]) look.
Wyatt: Yep. So to beat the game, you must comply with the guests to get all the pieces to fix the elevator.
You: (Game?)

So, as it says, the game is not finished. Right now, all you can do is screw around and explore. I haven't installed the way to beat the game yet. However, you can die.

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Review by Forme
21 Nov 2020
It looks good all in all but some pictures block the text

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
for a starting project it's not bad. I can see that there is a lot you want to do with this. you've got some error scripts showing up, but those shouldn't be too bad. the idea is funny and I look forward to the updated versions.
good luck to you!

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