Underground Dungeon by benergize

The Underground Dungeon, once home to the evil Dragon Cult, has long been dormant. Recently though, villagers have been coming to the Duke of Wor with stories of terrors emerging from within. You, a brave adventurer, have been sent by the Duke to clear out whatever evil lies within (and you could probably scoop up some treasure while you're there). So go brave adventurer-- into the Underground Dungeon! Make your name legend!


- Improved directional parsing
- Fixed the bug with the orcs :b
- Misc. bug fixes

A while ago!
- Saving and loading!
- Massive parsing improvements
- Some new content
- Bug fixes bug fixes bug fixes
- Probably introduced some new bugs
Review by IFforClassroom
11 Jan 2017
A fun old-style text adventure with a nostalgic feel. Impressively, benergize created everything from absolute scratch, so expect the parser not respond in completely standardised ways.

Review by Jesse Richardson
09 Jan 2017
good game, better than most..

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