Filbert and the Broccoli Escape by FetWorks

Filbert, the world's laziest boy, always looks for ways to get out of doing what he is supposed to do, like cleaning his room, taking out the trash, or in this case, eating his broccoli!

When Filbert comes to the dinner table and sees his least favorite vegetable sitting on his plate, he is desperate to get rid of it any way he can.

Help Filbert find a way to take care of this vegetable dilemma,

THEN, read the book, Filbert and the Broccoli Escape at!

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Review by MisterPibb316
16 May 2015
A fun and friendly little game, presented as a children's book with somewhat of a Choose Your Own Adventure vibe, although it's impossible to lose (which is fine by me, given the target audience.) The biggest positives are the illustrations and that the hyperlink presentation is implemented efficiently.

Review by Zeke1
09 Mar 2013
While I liked it, I like to play text adventure games by typing rather than using hyperlinks, which makes the game pretty much impossible. I mean seriously, the verb used to SPOILER: make the broccoli disappear is "cast spell on." Seriously, I don't think that there is any possible way that somebody could guess that. NO MORE SPOILER: Also, I seriously don't think that I could possibly get as far as I did if I hadn't read the book beforehand. However, I realize that it is more about the story than about the actual game, and the story was great. So, all in all, 3/5.

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