Eating the Bagel by dtibert

It's a game where you can do things including, but not limited to, making a bagel.
Review by ExplodingFire
13 Jan 2018
Truly one of the best games I have found so far.
If you are looking for a good laugh, then you have come to the right place.

Review by Jesse Richardson
09 Jan 2017

Review by clocky
05 Nov 2016
YAY!! (for once that wasn't sarcastic) This game is one of the best txt adventures I've ever played. Job well done, maker of the game.

Review by CosmicRay
25 Sep 2016
*slow clapping* beautiful

Review by Grellk
14 Nov 2015
It's a daunting and dangerous task to make a bagel. I think this truly reflects real life.

Review by MisterPibb316
26 Apr 2015
As much as I like to be that guy who rags on games that have little in the way of actual gaming, this was pretty funny. But, again, y'know. That doesn't make it a good game.

Review by Bluesummers
23 Mar 2015
I too know the pain and anguish of pursuing bagels. If you love bagels then this game is for you and if not, play it anyway because nothing will fill the empty pit in your soul where one's love of bagels dwell.

17 Dec 2014
very creative and better than yellow donuts. those things suck. they're all weird and...and, yellow and whats with those sprinkles. the worst thing that could happen with those is if you kill them out of frustration and they arrive in hell and then the devil eats them and he gets really upset! screw yellow donuts. really great game though.

Review by AtomicMegadeath
14 Jul 2014
As a fellow bagel-loving snake-charmer, I'm glad *somebody* has realized that bagel-loving snake-charmers are, in fact, a totally reasonable and profitable demographic. Mad respect, man.

Review by UnsureOfMyName
07 Jul 2014
This changed me. Bagel is love. Bagel is life.

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