You by thomscullion

A story about making sense, and moving on.

FYI: This story is very short and I am taking a bit of a liberty with the level of 'interaction'. If you aren't into that, maybe give this one a miss. :-) Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy it, and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Review by one_sad_ghost
08 Apr 2020
I really like it! It kind of resonated with me due to personal experiences in the past, but I like how it was conveyed simply - and with nice music as well! :)

Review by celestialsuniverse
06 May 2018
A heartwarming and heartbreaking story at the same time. Perfectly simple and voiced in a gentle tone, this story is simply wonderful.

Review by Marksuperb
17 Jan 2018
It hit your feelings ...

Review by BladeAddict
17 May 2017
Heh, I really like what you did at the end. It's a great mechanic to implement. Well done.

Review by Raviolisword
11 Dec 2016
I really liked this one. It was simple, short, and very relatable to anyone who's ever loved and lost.

Review by hannaivety
09 Jul 2016
this text-game hit me in the feels! very well-written and relatable. the story and game was short yet it was sweet. bittersweet. i loved every moment of it, mostly the text. the words were just so true.

p.s. cute drawings! it's nice to see some pictures once in a while.

Review by Stryker
27 Oct 2015
Not really a game but...
I WUV IT....
**Trying to maintain manliness**

Review by steffableSteff
31 May 2015
Though this isn't a game (no choices) it's still something sweet and I really liked it. It's a fantastic way of using this programm to create a story like this. The pictures and the highlights in the text form a great atmosphere. Thumps up so it has a few perks.

Review by Seany_face
22 Jan 2015
Basically a paragraph with one choice.

Review by Tom C.L.
20 Dec 2014
Even if I wouldn't consider this an interactive story, it was still very good. The drawings were great, the music was fitting, the writing wasn't perferct put it did the job and the whole thing was fun to read.

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