Giant Adventure - The Secret of Sizon by hiddenwriter

Eons ago, the titan Minus rebelled against the other goddesses, and to this day, her tiny descendants feel the effects.

Heavy /size/ themes follow...

Tags: shrinking, giantess, macro, micro, handplay, insertion, vore, feet

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Release 3:
- Added post-farm quest
- Added Death Cards, check out a rather popular death in the beginning of the game to collect one :)
- You can now visit the trade shop in sizon market after visiting the farm!
- 4 new bad ending interactions added
- Upped save slots to 99 (previously 8)
- Fixed a MAJOR glitch with the farm sequence that skips an entire day! Check it out (you'll have to load a save before the days start/restart the game,) you may have missed 3 unique interactions as a result!

Release 2:
The game has now doubled (!) in word count. It's now 26k words with 175 little twine passage squares. That's a lot!
- The farm quest is now complete! It's extremely long, and has a very detailed entrapment sequence that covers 3 days of being "trained"
- Beginnings of a new church area added (one interaction)
- One new patron has entered the Shy Mouse Tavern
- With this update, I've tried to add some things that aren't feet focused, please do tell me how I did

Release 1:
This game is currently pretty hefty, with two fully fleshed out areas (tavern, market, as well as a WIP farm) and a fully working stat system. There are currently 13 different deaths, and even more near-deaths and other unfortunate situations. Each encounter is fully fleshed out and unique, find em' all!

REMEMBER TO SAVE. Some deaths are unavailable after certain things have been cleared. Some places are unavailable after you've left them.
21 Jul 2022
This has a lot of potential, but a walkthrough would be highly appreciated.

Review by HisShoes
12 Jun 2022
Really good stuff. I’m not educated in writing so I’m not gonna say anything fancy or technical. My only two complaints are that 1) (big) money isnt in the game (im sure this is a byproduct of being unfinished) and 2) (this is more of a nitpick) all of the characters are female. Its the type of thing you only realize on a second playthrough, and its far from a gamebreaking detail. Overall really well written, and very enjoyable. Easily a 9/10, maybe even a 10/10. Looking forward to any updates that may come (I really want big people money!)

Review by arianbazmanesh
01 May 2022
this game was always so great. i really liked it. too bad it doesn't get updated anymore.

Review by Ahrimann
25 Nov 2021
Really amazing game and writing skills. Thank you for this great experience, i really hope to see more updates in the future.

Review by river553
19 Sep 2021
This is easily the best macrophilia games that I have ever played, the writing is excellent and engaging and even though it is unfinished the amount of love put into it already is clear.

I sincerely hope to see more updates in the future

Review by Volt1524
24 Jun 2021
Really great size game. Hope to see more.

Review by Sizetyme
21 Jun 2021
I can't wait to see some more interactions, definitely excited for more to do with the down like the blacksmith! Amazing work keep it up!

Review by gayballsballsballs
10 Jun 2021
Great game, decent amount of content. update or I will shit on your porch.

Review by Philiputian
14 May 2021
This is easily one of the best macrophile text adventures I've ever played. I'd definitely put this up there next to the pedestal that I keep Shrunk at College on.

Although this story gets bonus points because I prefer unwilling tinies that don't like feet.

Anyway, this is extremely well written and despite feeling like there's plenty left to go, it still feels like there's a surprising amount of depth and work already put in.

Absolutely wonderful for feet lovers, it has its fair share of other stuff too but as feet is my favorite, of course I'll focus on that.

My favorite area is the farm, and I absolutely love that a portion of the story involves becoming some girl's pet. LOVE that. Honestly, I hope eventually you add the option to stay her pet longer. Piper's my fav character in the whole story and I wanted even more feet content from her. Would especially love if the MC had to clean her feet, I kept expecting that but it never came sadly. Maybe someday!

Anyway, keep up the great work, your story is fantastic, and every little addition you add in the future, no matter how small, will be great! (remember it's okay to only add a little at a time, each update doesn't have to be massive)

Review by David 2531
05 May 2021
WORST GIANTESS GAME EVER unless you have ANY G the giants think you have no purpose to live

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