Giant Adventure - The Secret of Sizon by hiddenwriter

Eons ago, the titan Minus rebelled against the other goddesses, and to this day, her tiny descendants feel the effects.

Heavy /size/ themes follow...

Tags: shrinking, giantess, macro, micro, handplay, insertion, vore, feet

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Release 3:
- Added post-farm quest
- Added Death Cards, check out a rather popular death in the beginning of the game to collect one :)
- You can now visit the trade shop in sizon market after visiting the farm!
- 4 new bad ending interactions added
- Upped save slots to 99 (previously 8)
- Fixed a MAJOR glitch with the farm sequence that skips an entire day! Check it out (you'll have to load a save before the days start/restart the game,) you may have missed 3 unique interactions as a result!

Release 2:
The game has now doubled (!) in word count. It's now 26k words with 175 little twine passage squares. That's a lot!
- The farm quest is now complete! It's extremely long, and has a very detailed entrapment sequence that covers 3 days of being "trained"
- Beginnings of a new church area added (one interaction)
- One new patron has entered the Shy Mouse Tavern
- With this update, I've tried to add some things that aren't feet focused, please do tell me how I did

Release 1:
This game is currently pretty hefty, with two fully fleshed out areas (tavern, market, as well as a WIP farm) and a fully working stat system. There are currently 13 different deaths, and even more near-deaths and other unfortunate situations. Each encounter is fully fleshed out and unique, find em' all!

REMEMBER TO SAVE. Some deaths are unavailable after certain things have been cleared. Some places are unavailable after you've left them.
Review by Drizell
08 May 2020
I've been enjoying this little game so far. I like the writing, which tries to take itself suprisingly a bit seriously. Fetish wise the game is definitely focused on feet which for me is a good thing, but I can see how it may be anoying for others. If I was the writer I would try to bring more of other fetishes such as vore or insertation. I would also suggest to try and be more specific during those deaths, because when you get gulped up the description is much shorter and vague. Also I would try to give more ends for people that don't find snuff appealing, there are a couple of those endings but not enough. For me best girls so far are Neko rouge, Bar tender and Riley. In general I think the game can be better, but so far as a feet fag I think it's great.

Review by nthslayer
03 May 2020
I really enjoyed playing through the game so far and finding all of the endings in it. There is a ton of content so far with plenty of branching paths all with very descriptive writing that I enjoyed reading all of. The image for one of the endings with the neko rouge is very nice and I can’t wait for more to be added. The writer themselves said on Twitter that they feel the story is a bit too foot focused. I didn’t mind because feet is my main kink, but for anyone who doesn’t feel the same you would be pleased to know there is a lot more besides just that in the story. It’s got a nice balance of handplay, insertion, vore and a lot of entrapment. Overall I am super excited to see more from this game, especially with the neko rouge and Amazon in the weapon shop, they were my favorite girls.

Review by unreaper
29 Apr 2020
i like it so far.
i'm a big fan of the lines about how the feet look and how much they smell.
i love vore and smelly barefeet.

now for what i think needs to be added and fixed about the game itself:
1. i think for the "rolls" i think they need to be higher than they are now.
(by rolls i mean those point in the story where you get a random number to see if you passed or failed to reach the number required.) it doesn't have to be much. just make it so when you "roll" you roll higher than you do now. i don't know how much to increase the number. so for now i'll just say 3. so for example if a have 4 dex and i "roll" a 22. if the range of numbers go up by 3. then that 22 i "rolled" for will instead be a 25.
hopefully you understand what i mean.
2. while i like the part about feet.
i don't like foot crush or being stomped on.
now i'm not asking you to remove or change that. it's your story so if you want it then you can keep it. i'm just asking you to tone it down a little.
what i would to see is part of the story where you are at the feet of a kind girl.
a girl that won't try to harm you in anyway with her feet. but while she is kind enough to try not to harm you. doesn't mean see wants you away from her feet.
basically i want girls with sweaty smelly barefeet wanting you at there feet but not wanting to physically harm you in any way.
3. i like more vore options as well as the story continuing after you been shallowed.
now i know getting eaten means game over and that makes since.
but i just want i little more story after you get eaten.
talk about digestion and or the struggling in the belly.
with stuff like that. i think the vore scenes would be way better.

Review by Leah_size
28 Apr 2020
Great game so far, though a little bit too foot-centric imo (as someone who's not so much into feet but loves vore and insertion).

I also feel some of the endings might've been a bit short, but that's just me.

Review by the1swagking
21 Apr 2020
Great game so far, can't wait to see the way you update it.

Review by Ratchet222
18 Apr 2020
If you think a game's great and want to see it updated, please leave it an appropriate review rather than leaving it a 3 as if it were mediocre. This game is honestly fantastic and I'm glad to know an update is coming really, really soon! Thanks for what you do!

Review by Duskdraak
17 Apr 2020
Very well made an entertaining. The descriptive language makes it easy to imagine the characters and the scenarios are absolutely sexy. I look forward to future updates.

Review by Khesstan
23 Mar 2020
I am really impressed!
I have played so many textadventures in the last 3 years and urs is one of the best. I enjoyed the story, i loved the characters and i am more than interested in what u have planned for the future :D

I just want to say thank you for this great game and please keep going!

Review by ckkc1
18 Feb 2020
I really enjoy this game, both in concept and in practice. The farmer sisters are great, and the whole 'training regimen' idea is creative and can potentially lead to a lot of different possibilities; since Piper is reluctant about some of the more severe violations of the MC's privacy and dignity, there could be a plot thread where she refuses to allow you to be harmed like that (while still treating you like a pet, of course); if you're too uppity, she might either lose interest in you or stop caring too much about your wellbeing, meaning that Lilac could take the reigns and treat you much less mercifully.

I wish there was an option for your character's gender, but I understand that it's hard to do just in base Quest, so I can't really imagine how hard it would be to do that in twine without copy/pasting entire paragraphs of text while also changing specific scenes to fit--for instance, the training scene part where the MC is violated with a stick would have to be changed for the male version (or at least, it would have to be a different hole being violated). Interactions with other characters might also have to be changed slightly, so it'd be a hassle to try and catch all those little snags. I'm trying to do the same with a little work-in-progress project of mine, but I need to be capable of using advanced settings in the downloadable version of the program, so I understand the pain.

Review by SoyChad
02 Feb 2020
Great work, some of the best writing I've seen. The fantasy setting works well. The giantesses are just the right amount of cruel, and I love the entrapment stuff. The farm girls path was well done. Curious to see if you have the option getting caught by them again or going back to them. Can't wait to read more.

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