Find Your Animal Totem. by Claire6129

This is a short, little game- well, more of a test.
Remember, please, if you don't like it, don't rate it. If you think it should be 2 or 1 satr, mention it in coments but please do NOT rate it. Thank you, and enjoy the quiz.
This game is by Laura Claire Guilbault.

Also, please comment on what animal you got!

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27 Jul 2016
Quiz was nothing special but there weren't any real flaws, apart from one animal not having a photo.

Review by Tom C.L.
29 Jun 2014
It was good.

Review by MelodyAllHeart
22 Mar 2014
It's very interesting

Review by madi
14 Mar 2014
don't get it still i played it 20 times

Review by Paper Asssassin
01 Jan 2014
Great Idea. It's short but it's just a quiz right?
Ps. Plz check out my game "Eat Cow To Live"
I hope curiosity will bring you to "Eat Cow To Live" I think you'll like it.

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