Firata Ecology by DragonMaster78

Genetic Legacy:
The number of grandchildren you have determines your genetic legacy.
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Firata have six genes:
Fertility, Immunity, Blood, Eyesight, Fur Color and Pattern Type.

Higher fertility means a Firata is more attractive to mates.
If a Firata has two of the same immunity gene, they will be sickly and less likely to survive to adulthood.
If at least one of a Firata's Blood genes are Normal Blood, they will be healthy. If they have two Sickle Cell genes, they will be born sickly.
A Firata with at least one Normal Eyes gene will be healthy. If they have one Myopia gene and one Blind gene or two Myopia genes, they will be short-sighted and less likely to survive to adulthood. If they have two Blind genes, they will not survive long without eyesight.

Fur Color and Pattern Type are special.
Yellow fur and stripes camoflauge on the Savanna.
Black fur and blotches camoflauge on the Swamp.
Brown fur and spots camoflauge on the Forest.

If a Firata camoflauges well they will be more likely to survive to adulthood.

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03 Jan 2021
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