Your Dog Has Been Abducted by Aliens by David Yates

Written on a whim on an evening in July. This is a silly game.
Review by broadwaydude
24 Apr 2023
I'm treating this as a very successful demo. A wonderful friendly sense of humor!

I see much potential here! If you can muster this in two and a half hours, I can't wait to see what you would do with more!

Review by Celedin
18 May 2016
Terrific! Very well written and funny.

Review by Tallahluh
24 Mar 2015
Personally, I'd give it a HUNDRED stars...If I COULD

Review by Urbsunpsychic
19 Aug 2014
You have a great sense of humour. Very nice work Mr. Yates.

Review by デシキーヰ
05 Jul 2014
Awesome one xD

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Written by
David Yates

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Published 09 Apr 2014
Updated 09 Apr 2014