Awakenings by Gabor Cebe

Until now, you haven't even been aware of your own existence, but something has happened. You are not alone anymore. An enormous, featureless presence is floating nearby. You can feel it without seeing it, and you can hear its voice without ears...
Review by RootAndShaw
11 Aug 2016
Is really good,but i have to pay for quest and i got not money for that :/

Review by gamersguy80
29 Apr 2016
I dont like this

Review by Astral-Messenger
26 Mar 2016
Excellent cover art.

Review by Vetruvius
10 Mar 2016
This was a bit unusual, but very good. I would love to see a bit more like this.

Review by Mr. Wako
26 Feb 2016
I really liked this game (and all 6Quest), I think this type of text adventure game is more enjoyable than the "type in" style. It also has a really nice interface, and cool cover art (which is uncommon among text based games - sadly).

Totally recommended.

Review by rainbowunikittens
20 Feb 2016
I can't play this cuz it's on some other website!!
It's Osorio annoying!!!

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Written by
Gabor Cebe

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Published 24 Nov 2015