Minecraft Adventurer by cakepie99999

A Minecraft Adventure game.
Review by pranyboi
30 May 2017
Great! But its kinda short and ya cant build a home.

Review by Pkg21
09 Mar 2016

Review by Noles
30 Jan 2016
It's good but would be better if could reset

Review by SuperGirlyGamer
17 Jan 2016
horrible just a test really

Review by Baddy
06 Apr 2015
Simply fantastic.

Review by Vampirhase
13 Mar 2015
A very nice game.
I often play minecraft and your adventure feel's like that.
I liked your writing style, because although I'm a german people, I could read your story very good.

Review by Smarty3b
26 Feb 2015
Quite enjoyable. The grammar issues and occasional weak ending are what keep this from a 5 star review.

Review by LeisureSuit Larry
09 Feb 2015
I never actually played the "real" Minecraft but according to similar game engines this is actually quite good. A little disappointed I didn't get to use the wooden tools I created

Review by Watcher55
08 Feb 2015
Fast paced amusing game for kids who are into Minecraft (which seems to be all of them!). Lots of branching options to explore, but don't expect to survive all of them!

Review by Sonjabs
08 Feb 2015
There are approximately 20 ways to die in this game and only 2 to win:-) I also noticed some bonus comments and items to collect as well as later death if sometimes not collected.

I rather enjoyed this and played and played until I got a win:-) Fun with multi layers and easy text instructions even a sense of humour.

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