Shrunk at Starbucks by boons123

You're enjoying your Starbucks, when all of the sudden you shrink. Wait around on the table or under it for more interactions.

A small work in progress, hope you enjoy.

Fixed iced coffee. Working on an update, sorry for the wait.

Added the line and the entrance, three new characters, and an array of new deaths. I tried my best to fit in some of the things you suggested, but there's more to come in future updates. I've been thinking of adding some more tables, a bathroom, and the ability to head behind the counter. Let me know what you think.

Added the bathroom, access it by climbing the Converse's shoelace and waiting. Also added a new Ugg interaction for the blonde.

Might update the game more often. Feel free to pm me or comment with ideas for it, I'm open to hearing them.

Fixed a bug where the blonde's foot would appear on the table instead of under it. My bad.

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Review by jonyboy774
28 Oct 2022

Review by Weevers666
10 Sep 2022
Amazing Game

Review by kaako
31 Oct 2021
the blonde is my fav character, bring her back in the new game :)

Review by thebluejacket
06 Sep 2021
that might be the best bathroom interaction i've read on the site

Review by lagrandefemme
24 Jul 2021
j'espère pouvoir aller derrière le comptoir, et peut-être que vous pourrez ajouter un personnage de maman à qui mourir. a part ca ce jeu est magnifique

Review by Lobo
14 Jun 2021
Espero actualozacion

Review by Scarcehere8778
16 May 2021
awesome work man

Review by proveyed
31 Mar 2021
this sum 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mmh yes yes keep up the good work ;)

Review by TheRatKing
24 Jan 2021
Writing in the game is consistent. Like the direction you're taking.

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