Fakémon by Onion

This is a spoof of the popular Pokémon Go game, with totally fake Pokémon names.

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Review by DavyB
10 Aug 2016
A game which seems to be saying "I don't understand the appeal of Pokémon." I rather agree but to be fair you do need to construct the game properly. If you did, I suspect it could actually have some appeal, messing up your message!

Review by Susana
10 Aug 2016
A so good idea, wasted with a so lazy execution.

Review by fireballs00
27 Jul 2016
there is not much to do only catching weird named poké..... I mean fakémon. there is no story and you clearly see that almost no effort went into making this

Review by ekolis
15 Jul 2016
Not much to do but "get" the pokeymans, but some of the names are rather amusing! Why can't I throw them, tell them to go, or use them on each other? Those seem like perfect things to do with pokemon...

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 14 Jul 2016
Updated 14 Jul 2016