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Reviews by Susana

Review for Super Somiya
19 Dec 2016
Very fun, despite some instant-death choices totally unnecessary, in my opinion... but the fun atmosphere and the creative ways this game can take make it deserve five stars with justice!

Review for Night House
26 Oct 2016
A good game, but like already was pointed, the time limit is irritating and senseless, and the commands need be more clear. For example I had a really hard time for put the winter coat in the dummy, since the game don't recognize dress, or use, just put.

Review for Fakémon
10 Aug 2016
A so good idea, wasted with a so lazy execution.

Review for Hobo Trek
07 Aug 2016
A bit too linear, and no so creative... but show potential. I'll be looking forward, waiting your next game, because I think you have talent for make text games. But unfortunately, you don't showed it in this game here.

Very well made, with some good ideas and turnovers, and with a good size - nor too long, nor too short. But is too much linear. Even so, for your first try, this is a valious add here, and deserve four stars easy.

Review for Merc With A Mouth
24 Jun 2016
This is a good idea very poorly executed. Try harder, in the next time.

Mmmmm, okay... some options are fun, but anothers, specially the end, are so random... well, is a 3 stars game, to me.

29 May 2016
A lovely game, with cute art, kind and lightly mad text, and fun jokes, despite never really hilarious... could have some more options among pictures, and be a bit longer... but why be demanding with a so light and cheerful game? It ´s a great work, and I give five stars with all merit!

29 May 2016
Fun game, at least until the hideout part, when there´s only the north direction for follow, and the Washington portrait for check... where the game enter in a infinite loop. A pity, because it was being fun. I hope someday, soon I hope, the creator come and end his story.

Review for Banana
23 Mar 2016
Some games are idiots and very fun. This here is idiot and idiot again. I really don't see what some others see of so good, in this stupid game.

Review for Deeper
26 Jan 2016
A really very good game in fact, but it have three serious troubles:

1- The save system don´t work correctly. Even if I save a game, I don´t have how to load it again, for play in another time.

2- I have no idea why, the game have time limit. Always after of play for a while, the game finish itself and force me to refresh the page,for start again - what I can´t do, obviously, since the right button is disabled, in the game page.

3- I can see my stats in the beggining of the game, and only then. With this, I lose track about what skills I´m increasing, when I level up going down in the staircases. Is a mandatory improvement, in my oppinion, add the current stats in the left window we have during the game.

Solve these three troubles, and you will have a five stars game here. For now, with these failures, it deserve three.

06 Jan 2016
Only one complaint: there´s some broken links in your game,what force to restart many times.

Apart this, you made a perfect transition to this rotten game (yes, I played this game too, and I regret it until today!) to text format.

11 Oct 2015
Lame and boring.

Review for Final Hours
29 Sep 2015
Very few choices, in a demo game... don't worth the time.

04 Sep 2015
I logged only for rate this game. Man, this is HILARIOUS! It have even a recipe, in one of the ends... 5/5 with merit!

Review for Sammy
30 Jul 2015
Very good! It can be a real horror story, but can be a touching story, too, and it scare and emote at the same time! Congratulations for a so lovely game, theverbaltypo!

13 Jul 2015
Demo games nor even deserve be called games.