Pirate Adventure Quest by Matt9

Arrrr! Your dream of being the captain of your own pirate ship is about to come true! Hunt treasure and plunder all the swag there is!

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Review by wunderbatt
22 Aug 2015
I agree with Crispin's review. I had fun playing this game but I'm having trouble telling if I've really finished it or not. I have 100 out of 100 points and I can't seem to find any islands that I haven't yet explored, but I have all these extra items that I haven't found a use for (same as Crispin) and there was no message or anything telling me I'd finished the game. Otherwise I think it's a good game, and I was impressed by all the different places you can visit on the islands.

Review by MisterPibb316
26 Apr 2015
Everything that can be said about Pirate Adventure Quest seems to have been said: this is a fun game with lots of interaction and an open world (or, sea), but there are bugs that keep you from doing some things (such as poisoning the rum.) All in all I had fun and enjoyed trying to accumulate as many points as possible, even if this game seems to lack an actual ending.

Review by DaNiX88
03 Mar 2015
Great game. The most interactive game I've played yet!
Though there should be an award for achieving 100%!

25 Feb 2015
no save, I can save the game. And I can't get off the ship when I'm arriving at the island, help would be appreciated

Review by helenlovejoy
01 Sep 2014
When you are sailing the map actually is not that large. It only appears big. If you sail too far in any one direction it is like walking into a wall. it looks like you are still walking, but you are not actually going anywhere. Think old school platformers.

Overall excellent, but an update to add an onscreen map would be useful.

Review by Crispin
02 Nov 2013
There were a couple issues in this game.
-I ended up with two "rums"- one from the skeleton, and one from the wench. When I gave it to the drunk, "Error running script: Error adding key 'rum' to dictionary: An item with the same key has already been added." showed up.
-After using the rope on the tree, I tried to take it again and got "You can't take it. Taken."
-After you have gotten rid of the chief, if you leave and come back, the description says that the chieftain is there, even though he isn't.
-There is no ending. I hit the end of chapter 2, but I could keep going until I had 100/100, and then nothing happened. What am I missing?
-What to do with the pineapple, the silver key, the driftwood, the ball, and the coconut?
-It was incredibly difficult to navigate at sea. I was pretty much going random directions until I found an island.

But overall, the game was very entertaining and piratical, and I quite enjoyed it! I really appreciated the monkey. Overall a fun game!


Review by Zilten
24 Oct 2012
Easy to get lost

Review by ted1
23 Sep 2012
Thank you for an excellent pirate adventure! It was funny and a lot of fun to play. I look forward to a sequel!

29 Jul 2012
I was loving it. But I hadn't taken the matches. I didn't even go into that room. I had died the night before and rushed through it today to get to where I had left off. I'm stuck at the barracade cause I have no stinkin" matchs!!! But I did get the rum. Sigh. Try again tomorrow.

Review by tight lips
09 Apr 2012
I played this one during a couple sessions to get it. It was worth coming back to. I didnt find all 100 points though.
To get in the gate you just type yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

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