Reviews by Crispin

01 May 2015
Another excellent, engaging game from Peter Edwards! The house was large enough to provide some variety but was not difficult to navigate, and although there were several "you see nothing out of the ordinary" descriptions (which took some getting used to), it did help with narrowing down how to solve the puzzles. The hints in the comments were very helpful, and I really appreciated how Peter provided hints without spelling out too much.
There was a bit of "you see a chair2", or "you can see a coal dust", but that may be due to the Quest program, rather than any problem with the actual game.

19 Apr 2015
Really cute little game! I liked how the author blended a Mission Impossible theme with basic anatomy, physiology, and a few pieces of trivia, without being highly technical or dry. The author has created potential for future games of this type, perhaps the sound wave travelling to the brain and the other senses (vision, taste, smell), and I will interested to see sequels!

Excellent adaptation! I really enjoyed playing this one and it is very close to the original game. Manannan never showed up though, and I finished with a score of 264/260.

Review for GONE
19 Jan 2014
Remarkably depressing, but still entertaining.

19 Jan 2014
Really cute game! Well done!

Review for Cabin Fever
29 Dec 2013
Very well done! The atmosphere was excellent. However, I wouldn't really consider it a comedy...

Review for Curse!
24 Dec 2013
Excellent atmosphere and writing, clear and vivid descriptions, gripping storyline, challenging but solvable puzzles (with hints... heh heh heh). Overall a very well done game!

Review for A Mother's Love
15 Dec 2013
Good job! No spelling or grammar mistakes, effective storyline. Simple, straightforward and quick to play. It could be expanded a little more.

You could make the descriptions a little more detailed, have more things to do with all those random items to make it a more complex and longer game, and develop Bobby's side-story, but it was well done. Talking to the corpse made me laugh.

One thing I noticed was in your description of the entryway: "You can see the staircase, the main bedroom where Mrs. Harris was murdered, and the living room. a Staircase."

02 Nov 2013
There were a couple issues in this game.
-I ended up with two "rums"- one from the skeleton, and one from the wench. When I gave it to the drunk, "Error running script: Error adding key 'rum' to dictionary: An item with the same key has already been added." showed up.
-After using the rope on the tree, I tried to take it again and got "You can't take it. Taken."
-After you have gotten rid of the chief, if you leave and come back, the description says that the chieftain is there, even though he isn't.
-There is no ending. I hit the end of chapter 2, but I could keep going until I had 100/100, and then nothing happened. What am I missing?
-What to do with the pineapple, the silver key, the driftwood, the ball, and the coconut?
-It was incredibly difficult to navigate at sea. I was pretty much going random directions until I found an island.

But overall, the game was very entertaining and piratical, and I quite enjoyed it! I really appreciated the monkey. Overall a fun game!


Review for The King's Ransom
31 Oct 2013
Really cute! Good job.

Review for Beowulf
15 Sep 2013
Very well done! Part 2? :)

14 Sep 2013
Very good atmosphere and interesting storyline! You could make it longer and more in depth (more choices), but it is very well done!

14 Sep 2013
Excellent atmosphere! Craig is really good at drawing the player into the game. Challenging puzzles that (as Charles Scott and sarah4 said) are obvious in retrospect. I agree about the episodic nature, fast-paced story, and great writing. This was a real pleasure to play.

I had to play it about 5 times from the beginning because I kept missing things in the Fair and then saving too late. (Thanks Craig for the help- I was completely stuck :p) So to the players after me: before leaving the Fair, talk to everybody twice!

Review for Escape The House 2!
08 Sep 2013
If you are interested in improving the game, use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Also, try to describe the setting a bit more to help the player get into the game. It seems a little odd to have a house a bathroom connecting a hall with a living room. Add more rooms to explore and items to find. And last, finding a key somehow turns on the light, which doesn't really make sense, and you have a plastic bag on you (on your head?) that just... disappears.

You have an interesting story idea that could be expanded on to make a full game, rather than just a 5-command exercise.

Review for The Mansion
01 Jul 2013
This was amazing! Thank goodness for the hints in the comment section though, because I kept getting stuck. The maps were really handy. I found the courtyard navigation a bit confusing, and some of the commands took a bit of getting used to, but overall a lot of fun!

Review for Murder on the Hill
07 Jun 2013
It was a lot of fun! I needed the hints in the the comments to make it through though.