Hurts by adt94

You wake up in a darkened room. More or less.

TW: suicide and related themes
Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
It was a lot of explaining about someone who OD-ed. Not a game, just a little story.

Review by the-drawing-llama
13 May 2017
I loved the writing, and this game was close to my heart and personal experiences. I loved it, genuinely loved it.

Review by SadTea
29 Jan 2017
This was incredibly well written, and extremely enjoyable.

Review by commandant
23 Sep 2016
Dang, I really liked that...that was really nicely written.

Review by hannaivety
10 Jul 2016
very well-written! an amazing game. i'm glad I was able to get the second ending on my first run!

Review by flysquirrel775
31 May 2016
Nice writing, there is just the right amount of text on a page that it is not a bother to read yet it still gets enough information across. There is also a good variety of links to click and multiple endings to achieve.

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