Divergent Theme Project by Wendalius

My English class has assigned a project where we had to read a book, and then make a project showing what we though was the theme. We could do any form of art, so I said yolo and made a text adventure. I chose a zombie apocalypse because while you try to be your greatest self, the end of the world tends to force you into spots you would not normally be in. And with the lack of law, I can get to darker parts without many heavy repercussions.

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Review by mentlegen
03 Jan 2017
Rick rolled!!!!

08 Jan 2015
Bruh. this was good. I liked the ending ~~Spoilers~~ how I survive and started a community and when I got my $5 dollars i got rick rolled lol. I also liked that I died of old age, like I was Rick Grimes and I started a community from The Walking Dead comics(Because Rick is/looks old). Please make a series out of this. Thanks for reading.

Review by mwigham
26 Feb 2014
Story line is good but the game is not interactive enough and the sentences are far too long between. People want to play games preferably with an involving storyline, otherwise they would pick up a novel. Having said that, with practise you could develop this story into a rather nice little novel that delves into the human psyche as the great zombie stories do.

Review by leetherocker1
05 Jan 2014
Wow! Love the story, no matter how short. Well written and I hope that you got a good grade on your English project.

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