Four Corners by atoldiago

You were just happy in your apartment. Sitting there, in front of your computer, minding your own business. Now you're here. Where that is, exactly, you don't know. You're pretty sure you aren't supposed to know, seeing as the three guys who picked you up didn't have the decency to tell you.

(Very) Short story aimed at finding out how you would react if presented with such an opportunity (also, testing how this all works in general; enjoy)
Review by hannaivety
09 Jul 2016
an interesting concept, however it ended quite fast. but seeing as i made a choice that would probably make the game finish immediately, i can get why it ended so fast.

but overall, i think it's a good text-game!

Review by Renagrade
08 Dec 2014
It was actually quite good until it ended abruptly. Even when I agreed to do it, it said I lost. When I said no, I lost. Was there even a way to beat the game?

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