A small hook up V0.1 (NSWF) by lollipop420b

After a heavy night out in town you wake up in a bed you don't recognize. You got lucky, and you find a goddess of a woman in bed with you. The problem is that she doesn't only have the looks of a goddess but also the size. She stands as a giantess before you, but the truth is she isn't really that tall at all. It's rather you who has shrunk. How will you ever get out of this mess, or do you want to get out of it at all?

For right now this is a work in progress. The idea is to introduce two other roommates into the story next to Anna. (The girl you wake up next to) She is a futa, but her roommates are not. There will be many sexual encounters to pick and choose from, and some small quests hidden as well. Hope you guys see some potential in this.

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Review by Maiqtheliar8888
04 Mar 2022
For a demo, not bad at all! Sad it wasn't developed further.

Review by RagefulSquid
29 Jul 2021

Review by ThelmaDragon24
09 Nov 2020
This game is amazing, so much detail is put in, I did experience a little glitch using kind interaction on the chair, but other than that no bugs at all! I hope you put more into your game!

Review by stirech
03 Dec 2019
I'm loving the setup for this as well as following the same characteristics as "Tiny Perspective". I love that game and I see a lot of that in your demo version. I will keep it at a 4 star until I see it expanded a little more. Other than that great job so far.

Review by rtbmcintosh
18 Jul 2019
It’s good but there isn’t a lot to do right now otherwise I like it I will give a 4 star to 5 star rating when it gets updated again

Review by Gibby7777777
18 Jul 2019
Love it so far.

Review by BrainDamage54
13 Jun 2019
Really enjoyed what's here so far! Reminds me of Tiny Perspectives.

Review by shrinkydink112269
30 May 2019
Honestly I would give this a million stars but right now it's pretty basic and only like one or maybe two deaths, I would love to see more like maybe with more room mates or maybe even more shrinking oOo

Review by Ava_xxx
20 May 2019
Great start! I'm interested in seeing where this goes.

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