Urban Exploration by DarkWolfLP2014

Urban Exploration: Exploring Alone

This is my first Text Adventure game. I've a lot of research and reading to get this game to fully function. It was a challenge as I am not adept at coding. But I had a fun time developing this title. It's not very long, but I hope I settled in the creepy atmosphere enough to warrant a good story.

The premise of this game is generally about Urban Exploration. I've been watching many Urban Explorers on Youtube lately. Noticed too that many Youtubers go into these abandoned locations alone. Which is extremely dangerous. So I wrote a story for the worst case scenario for when going in alone and unprepared can lead to your untimely demise.

Welcome to TearBone Elementary. Enjoy your stay.

Also be gentle with me as this is my first try. Couldn't find many answers to coding issues I had. If anyone experienced would like to teach me a thing or two, please give me an E-Mail at [email protected]

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27 Nov 2017
It has a good atmosphere that builds up, and a good feeling of exploring the place...
The coding's no work of art & I'm sure the author could do even more advanced things in the future, but it still all works fine and I didnt have any bugs etc! The writing could also really do with being put through a spellchecker- But it's a pretty impressive first game!

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