Five Nights At Freddy's: The Text Adventure by minecraftpsyco99

Delve once again into the world of Five Nights at Freddy's in a way you've never seen it......and quite possibly ever again!
Minecraftpsyco99 has recreated Scott Cawthon's smash hit as a Text Adventure with stunning Visuals & Sound (Well, not really's a text adventure...)
FEEL! The pain as they forcibly stuff you inside an Animatronic suit!
JUMP! When the auditory jumpscares come out of nowhere!
HEAR! Foxy sing a song!
RAGE! Just when you think you're about to win and you die!

Five Nights At Freddy's: The Text Adventure-- This is one nightmare FNAF fans (or anybody else) will want to miss!

NOTE: I do not in any way own FNAF or am I trying to make any money off of this. This is simply a fan game. For more info see the credits in the Extras menu, also, it is not my fault if you experience death and/or injury due to raging.

IMPORTANT: During Phone Guy's calls, wait a moment for the phone to ring!!
Also: Headphones are highly recommended.

Bug Fix Log:
Menu Mess-Up Now Fixed
Phone Guy Night One Message Now Plays
Game Over Pic Now Restored.
Fixed Death Screen AGAIN.
Fixed The Bonnie and Door Problem (IDK What happened, must've been a glitch in the system :/ )
Fixed the ITS ME problems, Should be Fully Functional Once again.
Added an actual Ending. (IDK how I missed that, +1 Spoon Count...)
Everything is once again in working order! YAY!
Review by Notgatesy
02 Feb 2022
some nights are glitched

Review by oceanman1093
14 Sep 2019
Its A Pretty Epic game But Some Choices Dont Work Fix

Review by Cirqle
01 Sep 2019
wow. after Foxy killed mah my ears crawled in a hole and DEID

Review by GrayKnoight
31 Mar 2019
Tons of effort, its cool. but Freddy in night 3 is BULLS***

Review by oneproplanet
08 Mar 2019
I found a glitch on the third night, if you don't put down your monitor when you hear the girl laugh, the game freezes up

Review by GameofChocolate
19 Jul 2017
I died. Tricky. Good job with the writing.

Review by pranyboi
03 Jun 2017
Man, I have a 3DS . And ya know it doesn't have too many great games like 3DS cant play FNAF. So i come to and play gr8 games like yours


Review by FNAFLover16
08 Nov 2016
Nice work I hope there is more Fnaf roleplays here keep it up

Review by ZachTheManiac
26 Oct 2016
Fantastic. It really made me think that i was william afton or the security gaurds. Recomend it for all fnaf fans!

Review by PuppetMistress
14 Sep 2016
Closing the door on Bonnie doesn't work and nothing loads after it, so It's impossible for me to get past the 2nd night, which is annoying. :(

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