Reviews by pranyboi

Review for In the Year 2517...
18 Feb 2018
Fantastic! I loved it! There are not many choices to make but I like to just press that 'Continue' button. Maybe you can make it bigger, with chapters and turn it into a full game / story.


Review for Rock cycle
13 Oct 2017
Awesome! Really adventurous! I thought I was a REAL rock! Keep the good work up!

Man, I have a 3DS . And ya know it doesn't have too many great games like 3DS cant play FNAF. So i come to and play gr8 games like yours


Review for minecraft teams
30 May 2017
man wth is this thing doesnt even flipping worx.

30 May 2017
Great! But its kinda short and ya cant build a home.

Review for minecraft adventure
30 May 2017
I would like the game if we could start fresh survival and if it had graphics like the Minecraft I just played by Warrior.

Review for Pokémon Emerald
05 May 2017
it makes me laugh and is fun please complete it quick i love to play this on my 3ds because i like text. great game