Scream Thy Name, Betrayer by Alex_Dalliance

Scream Thy Name, Betrayer is an Ethereal Horror Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

Note: I've been getting feedback of this game freezing in the browser-based version. I recommend playing in the Quest app so you don't lose your progress.

Vince Reign is abducted from his quiet life of sex, drugs and rock n' roll to the mysterious Veiled Realm, a ghostly world inhabited by monstrosities. Explore the shadowy realms to discover clues, fight abhorrent creatures and find your way back home all while being hunted by a vicious Interloper from The Void.

The current version includes multiple endings as well as four unlockable achievements: True Ending, Deathless, True Scum and Good Man After All.

Contains mature language and themes. Please enjoy with audio.

Written by Alex Dalliance.

Soundtrack composed by Vulture Culture.

Artwork by Dusty Ray.

This is Part Three of The Six Deadly Series. Part Two, She Cried Against Strangling Hands, can be played here:

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Review by caraton
27 Nov 2022
Not boring, very entertaining and everything is very clear. I love these kinds of plots, the story seems very interesting

Review by biospu
03 Apr 2020
The pacing is the biggest issue, the writing jumps between slow and methodical exploration, and fast paced action. Which in any other medium would be perfectly fine, but doesn't translate well in a text adventure. Overall the fast paced sections were the highlights and I found myself just getting bored in exploration portions.

11 Sep 2019
This is an interesting, scary game!

Review by Soulaimene
08 Sep 2019
omg its great game
i love it ....

Review by beebles
08 Sep 2019
Another great addition to the ever-expanding games and story that keep getting better with each outing. I always look forward to delving back into this world and seeing what new pieces I get to add to my collection and how they fit together. My biggest complaint is that I have to wait even a single minute for the next part. :) The music fits into the story, building tension and giving emotion to the scenes and moving the story forward, which to my mind is quite impressive to be able to pull that off, considering this is writing and not a film or TV show. If you have played the previous 2 entries, you're in for a great time and if you haven't, then... well, what the hell are you still reading this for? Go back and start at the beginning. You won't regret it.

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