A Knock At The Door by Nicklee803

You're sleeping in your room on a regular night, when suddenly theres a knock at the door. What do you do?
Review by TheBoldWriter
23 Dec 2017
Wow, 100+ plays and no review, YET!

I was just roaming around the site's latest games, and found this. I saw the game before but, didn't play it. Boy, what I had missed.

Amazing game, superior narration and well the whole game is just FANTASTIC. A Audio track wouldn't be bad to make the game a bit more interesting, not that it already isn't. Well, I've said everything I can or anybody else in this case can say. Its WONDERFUL. And I mean it. Though this game isn't perfect. In the sense of 'THE FEELS'. Its a very good piece. Just a tad bit more improvements and you're done!

Keep up the FANTASTIC work.

Your friendly neighbourhood reviewer,

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Published 17 Dec 2017