(FAN-MADE) Warrior Cats: Secrets by warfan16

You are a newborn kit. Your littermates are filled with happiness as you open your eyes. It's time to meet the clan! The adventure is going to begin once you're ready.


- Your name is whatever you'd like, although your warrior name will have the suffix "fur".
- Your littermates' names are Foxkit and Amberkit.
- Your mother is Moonflower.

- Your name is in the story if it says either ___kit __paw or __fur.

(If you're a male in this story, please ignore all the she's. I'm too used to it because I'm a girl myself.)

- "Warrior Cats" rightfully belongs to Erin Hunter.

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25 Jul 2022
Good game.Fantastic story

Review by Mint_Berry
06 Aug 2021
Great creativity and detailed writing; however it could do with more choices. I think that it will be a big hit for any other WC fans and it does already have great storyline in just the first few paragraphs alone. I could see the author/creator of this really improving and it would be a delight to play a finished full version or even one with some more time to come; as I believe they will construct a great game from their ideas. Great work and I highly suggest you try it out!

Review by Warriorcats282
21 Jan 2021

Review by SmallPixelBoat
07 Nov 2020
I really enjoyed it-

Review by Dawn Owl
25 Aug 2020
I really like it! It inspired me to make my own text adventure

Review by mckenna
11 Jul 2020
This was so good!! I can't wait for part 2!

27 Jun 2020
..........0_0..........AWSOME great job!!!

Review by LemonWolf
07 Jun 2020
This was really good, i Can't wait for part 2!

Review by Moonwatcher
04 Jun 2020
I really liked it! I’m really excited for part 2!

Review by Echofrost
05 Apr 2020
I really like this! It's great along with an amazing plot! cant wait to plat part 2!

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