Blight of Elantria by Craig Dutton

The demon Xanthos who resides in the Southern Peaks of Elantria is planning to rule the lands. It is your mission to stop him by finding the Pandemonica, a demonic tome that holds the key to defeating Xanthos forever.

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Review by archerqueen08
25 Feb 2018
I'm beginning to warm up to Craig Dutton's style, good and interesting puzzles.

Review by Waerlinga
23 Feb 2016
Ok, so the storyline is pretty nice, i like the setting and the map (although all the running around becomes a little annoying after a while)
Also I never would have thought of some of the actions since even now, knowing them from the walkthrough, they seem pretty random.
So yeah, all in all an interesting story, with a couple of very good but also a couple of very difficult and illogical riddles/solutions and lots of running around.

Sidenote: I don't know maybe its got something to with my computer or whatever but for me the game was buggy as hell. I had to do things over and over again, objects didn't show up in my inventory when i took them, and actions i'd already done became undone (like having to clear the rocks away each time i got there, getting a new (or rather the same bone) for the wolf each time i wanted to go to the palace and worst of all, even though I rang the bell and hadn't gotten my hearing back yet i still died in the echo chamber.)

Review by DaNiX88
03 Apr 2015
A very in-depth game! I great adventure filled with many puzzles abound. It's quite challenging, but can possibly be done without a guide/hint if everything is tried. The only thing I would suggest that the game could be improved would be for more objects to have descriptions. However, because the discriptions were limited, the game was (inadvertently) made easier.

Great game, I recommend it to any text adventure game enthusiast!

Review by danaburgerrr
03 Feb 2015
Craig, without a doubt you are the best writer on this site. your games are so interesting and elaborate. I'm stuck on some of your others so I decided to play this one through and it's so good. wonderful world you've created here, although it borders on being a little too large for simple navigation. you're a bit evil on some of your puzzles but that makes it fun in the end, really. it really did take me forever to get the shield and bow and arrow and progress past the dragon but that's mostly because I'm an idiot. :) it's hard to have complaints when the games are this complex and intricate. I love the supernatural elements you seem to go for, too. also, Xanthos was a lot less threatening than the Ice Queen, lol. fantastic game!

Review by Ranique
09 Aug 2014
It wasn't very exiting and I couln't do anything!

Review by markydennis
16 May 2014
brilliant, took quite some time to complete, but got there in the end!

Review by leetherocker1
04 Jan 2014
One of the best Fantasy games I've played in a while. Defiantly make a sequel.

Review by talhanjami
28 Jul 2013
This is one of the best games I've ever played. You should really get a Kickstarter project up and ready, because the world you've established is just waiting to be given a sequel.

Review by Thomas13
14 Jul 2012
Great and challenging game.

Review by john35
12 Jul 2012
good game the walkthru helped

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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 4.1
Published 20 Oct 2011
Updated 08 Jul 2012

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