Valley of Steel by The Custodian

The creep of surveillance and control has continued unabated. Every citizen is required to have a chip implant which can definitively identify them to anyone with a scanner. You've spent years working with the underground as a hacker for hire, helping research and develop countermeasures to government surveillance. You've managed to steal information which will help the design of a cryptographic attack against the Mitsui-Klein Encapsulation that every citizen carries in their skull, which (if it works) will render the chip inoperative. Your own MitKlein signature was captured during your mission, however. Although you did your best to wipe all records of your MitKlein signature from all the databases you could find, if you let your chip be scanned by any system it is likely that Homeland Security will be after you immediately. Short term, you'll have to get off the street before curfew and figure out how to move around undetected - long term, you will have to bring the fight to Homeland Security itself.

Valley of Steel is a near-future sci-fi puzzle game inspired by the author's many happy days beating his head against Infocom's works. It is based on a piece of short fiction, which is available at the game website.
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Review by MrFRZ
15 Oct 2014
Great game! I love your writing and story line! Of all the games I've played, you obviously have one of the best and have great potential (based on your jet fighter story and language choice). Keep making games! I can tell you're someone who has a lot of ideas but maybe you aren't getting found very easily. I think I'm right because I'm kind of the same way. The only thing I didn't like about the game was the fact I got stuck at finding a way out of getting scanned by curfew. Personally, and this is just my opinion, I like games that have a story and you pick from a list of choices. Especially the games that are in depth and well written. These games remove the confusion of "what can I possibly do when I've tried everything I can think of?" and it keeps the player from getting bored by being stuck for a considerable period. I personally like these games better, especially if they're well written (which I think few people can achieve one this site). I think you would do great on a choice game like this because you have almost zero grammatical errors (unlike most games on this site) and you have very intriguing writing (you can tell this just from the game description above). I hope you can bring more real adventures to this site other than the "thrown together in a day without much story" kind of games this site seems to be full of. Hope to see more from you soon!

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