Be the giantess! by sctheriault

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One of things I've noticed about giantess games on here is that your always the tiny, never the giantess. So I figured I'd make something to fix that gap. I also wanted to try out some new features I wanted to put in my other games, so this seemed like a good testing ground. (If you enjoy the clothes mechanic please leave a comment with your preferred outfit)

Warning: Strong violence and sexual content (especially if you don't put clothes on)

- The clothes you wear change the interactions, so dress according to your preferences. (If you prefer barefoot crush, don't put socks on)

- Ask companions to join you for new interactions (Just solo giantess vs group giantesses interactions as of now, but their personality's will be the variable later on)

-Both Growth and Shrink story lines

Update 1.5
Added new interactions,3 new clothing items, personalities for companions and the ability to use objects on other objects (WIP)

Update 2.0: Added new interactions and the rest of your apartment. Please leave comments with areas you would like on the FDOTS pamphlet.

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Review by Maiqtheliar8888
13 Dec 2021
A lot of potential, I wish it would've still been updated, could've been one of the greatest gts text adventures

Review by wassupbobs?
30 Oct 2021
I honestly love this game. Sadly it seems the creator gave up on the game or just died. Or gave up on the site. I wish this would be updated.

Review by xchjgfxcxjfxf
02 May 2021
as a giantess I love this, really been waiting for one like this. i masturbated to this like no game has made me do before

Review by SweetRevenge8
11 Aug 2020
Nice game. Good detail and environment.

Before you go on with the game, you should really work on the "grow" choice. Make it so you can move around, and more objects with more interactions. And make it so you could pick up someone and play with them, too.

For the magazine at home, I have a suggestion. Bowling alley. It could have people running around in lanes, people in the shoes, and a refreshments bar.

Great game. Keep it up!

Review by CallieJonesNorth
18 Jun 2019
Wish there were more like this one

Review by Eclipseneko51
04 May 2019
Really good game it's nice to able to play as the giantess and some good ways to kill the tinies.

I do wish there was more to do and it might just be me but I have no idea how to use the dildo or tape I'd also love to see some more vore scenarios as well.

Great work

Review by Gibby7777777
27 Dec 2016
Fantastic game.

Review by Regisblackgaard
02 Nov 2016
good game!

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