Shipwrecked by Tim Hamilton

You find yourself suddenly marrooned on and island.
Can you get off? Can you find fortune?
Play it today.

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Review by GameofChocolate
24 Aug 2017
So I can't type, which is limiting my gameplay enough to where I cannot proceed. Please fix it so people can type commands.

Review by Fantasylover22
08 Aug 2016
It's a really good game but I would prefer it if you could type commands. I'm not that keen on using the compass/buttons. Just my preference but is still a great game.

Review by CaptainWho182
02 May 2016
I love this game! So addictive. :) :) can't wait to play more of them

Review by Carrot
28 Jun 2013
I am not finished this game yet, but have played enough to be able to review it.

It is a very well thought out game for the most part, and I would have given it 5 stars.

However, there are 2 big issues I have with it.

The Jungle/Ruins Maze.

Considering that there are 3 rooms that need to be located in the maze, it is almost impossible to find them without the guide you posted earlier. I don't mind mazes per se, but there needs to be some clue in the room descriptions to allow you to attempt to map them. - This brought it down to 4 stars.

The second thing that really irked me was the monkey. This could have been better handled. I don't mind him stealing stuff, or knocking out of my hand (although annoying), what made me reduce the games overall score to 3 stars was the fact there was no take all function. To have to pick up several items 1 by 1, to have to pick them up again later very nearly put me off this game completely.

I was also slightly annoyed by the inventory limit, however I can understand a limit - it just I am amassing a huge pile of items on my ship and am fed up of traipsing back and forth to get the right bits, because I don't want to carry lots because of that damned monkey.

Otherwise, good game.

Review by leos100
18 Jun 2013
Nice game i completed it. TYPE D1CK for glowing knight!!!

Review by NeoStorm
28 Sep 2012
never mind i got the coconut wow i feel like a retard

Review by stella1
01 Jul 2012
Another really nice game!

I'm almost at the end, right before facing the nasty creature. I've gotten all the treasures but the pearl necklace. I'm basing my rating for this game all the way up to here - 4/5 because it's frustrating. Not much of a fan of having to start over every time because of a mistake (used the pistol early, didn't tea bag so no extra HP). Also the monkey. Oh the monkey. I know awesome pirates are supposed to have annoying pets, but the monkey made me give up several times before resuming. I also died five times already after attempting to kill the monster, and I don't think I'll bother trying again for a while (I have the spear, pistol, and the cutlass). So frustrating? Yes. Difficult? Kind of. But I found with games like these they're all the more satisfying once you beat them.

- I played this on my computer and couldn't see the puzzle on a grid - had to follow your instructions to solve it.

Review by Jimmy Dunaj
30 May 2012
I'm stuck in the brig. Otherwise, fantastic game!

Review by heartrock.
03 Jan 2012
I'm so stuck at the pirate ship. I always get killed by the british ship. doesn't matter how long I need to get to the row boat. I've even tried not raising the flag, but obviously, I need the cutlass. Help! Love the game, but I probably might be stupid :P

Review by Chindu
26 Sep 2011
Awesome game! Loved the tea bagging feature. And the monkey (although I liked the anteater a bit more). Five+ stars!

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Written by
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Published 07 Oct 2009

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