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Welcome! Players!
This game is still in developing!!! I am trying to get new inspiration on upcoming events, people and rooms. (After you leave the castle, it is pretty much what Alpha is)

UPDATE: Now after you leave the castle, I add new place you can enter, and I add one character who you can ask to and talk with. I will keep working on this part.
Also, I made the map looks better. Now there is label on each one. Some text is overlapping. I will try to fix it.

Please leave your comment below, that will be very helpful for me to improve my game!


In this game, you are an unknown person who are trying to leave where you are, and explode who you really are!

Remember, you have only 100 Volume of inventory. Once you reach 100, you can't carry more. In this game, everything has its volume.

Things such as flowers, battery which can easily put in your pockets are 10 Volumes.

Things(Tools) such as Hammer, umbrella, which are heavy and big, they are 20 Volume.
Others such as Gearwheels, which always operate big things, they are 50 volumes.

There will be a lot of stuff in this game. You need to think twice what you should to bring!

Oh! You will also have health! HP! If your HP goes to 0, for sure you will die. Well, you may not die. I mean, you may revive in some points. (Not Yet in Alpha)

Good Luck! And Have Fun!

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Review by Jesse Richardson
28 Jan 2017
So far your game seems to have a good start!
It is fairly original for a fantasy game, and I like how you added puzzles.
Keep working!

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