The Lurker by Akorixia


Due to some feedback I received, I'm advising everyone who plays this game to be wary of the loud noises that occur when playing. (You can mute your volume if needed!)

It's 8 PM on a Saturday night. You're sitting at home, doing your homework, when all of a sudden, an emergency broadcast pops up on your TV screen. Apparently, there's an abnormal entity walking around in your area. With your mother and father out of the house and your brother locked up in his bedroom, you're left with no choice but to fend for yourself..

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Review by FishyTheFish
05 Jan 2023
The game didn't have any traction, and the story was confusing till the end.

Review by Ater Imber
05 Jul 2022
Pretty good game! It didn't take very long to complete, maybe about an hour (with distractions).

Some parts were confusing, though I'm pretty sure they were meant to be. The 'rage-quit' part was definitely annoying, but I didn't rage quit! Lol

The part with the alarm sound effect, I wish there was a noise warning in the description. I was definitely not expecting any noise and nearly jumped out of my chair when I heard the siren!

The ending... I think the ending/explanation was a little bit of a cop-out. I'm not sure what I expected, but with how good the rest of the scenarios were, I was definitely expecting 'more'.

Also, the combination of the dark grey text colour on top of the black background and font choice could make this game hard to read for some. I would recommend changing the text colour to something a little more visible.

28 Jun 2022

Review by jasmeet
28 Jun 2022
I love this game

Review by leenaiscool
28 Jun 2022
this is awesome bro. it’s flipping fantastic

Review by mkezzy
28 Jun 2022
love it!!!!

Review by sophia3hope
28 Jun 2022
I love this game! So scary but fun!

Review by Noobaisidj
24 Jun 2022
Words cannot describe how unsettling this is.

I especially loved the dilemma of risking to open the door to let your father or not father in.

Review by KaydieEJG005
24 Jun 2022
Lit af its scary but really fun

Review by Sik.g
24 Jun 2022
It’s really good!

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