DJay32's METROID Lite by Jay Comix Inc

NOTE: Don't get this confused with the actual METROID for the NES. This not a text adaption of it.

The year is 23X0.
The galaxy is at peace.

You have been invited to a board meeting for some reason. No description was given, just "important board meeting."

If you liked Mario Is Missing 2, then you'll enjoy this one. Maybe. It's the same creator, at least.

But, yeah, this is the Lite version. Not a demo. I'm probably not even gonna make a part two. Just... Lite version.

Oh, and there are TWO endings! One's obvious, the other's pretty hard to get. You have to open something, though. There's your clue. Enjoy!

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Review by Andrew Trewin
09 Aug 2008
Wow, thats alot of text. But it is interesting and I liked it! Well done. I was too lazy to play further after I shot the airlock, hehe, but the game is well done and much better than Mario is Missing. Keep up the good work.

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Jay Comix Inc

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Written for Quest 4.0
Published 18 Jun 2008

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