Artificial Love: A BL story with a twist by JennieJutsu

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Joshua Greene is a writer for a local magazine. Although he loves his job, he is struggling to find inspiration to continue his work. That is until he buys an android to help around the apartment. Slowly the two form a bond and discover things about one another that changes both their lives forever.

A science-fiction, BL story with a twist.

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Review by Ninjagorulz
06 Apr 2019
I like it! As someone who really loves the idea of androids and really can't get enough, this seems like it has great potential to become a good story. You've obviously been making sure that you catch as many grammar and spelling mistakes in this, which is nice to see. Just double check from time to time, sometimes a stray mistake appears to be in the text (not often though). Since this is still fairly short, there isn't much for me to say about the game. With more time and care, I'm sure that you'll be able to finish it out and write a great game! Keep up the good work!

Review by felixp7
13 Apr 2016
It's a bit odd to review an unfinished game. Hopefully I can revise this later. For one thing, this is supposed to be a boy's love game, but for now it ends before getting to that part. Still, you've been warned. It's also a simple, feel-good story, about a future where robotic servants are becoming ubiquitous... and they turn out to be more human-like than they were supposed to. Hardly original, but then a familiar setting can be a good thing. The writing is to the point, yet there's a lot of text between choices, suggesting a mostly-linear story -- perhaps written that way initially. Still, the few choices allowed me to engage in a bit of roleplaying with regard to the protagonist's personality. By the way, the game is also written in third person -- unusual for CYOA, but hardly unheard of. All in all, a bit of an odd duck, but one I would really like to see completed. Recommended (if you like the genre).

Review by Itzstella
24 Feb 2016
Omg I'm loving the setting of this story! I've played it multiple times already just to read more of it haha. The different response options are fantastic, hoping to see more from this! :)

Review by Hazeltoon
23 Feb 2016
A really interesting story so far, I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops and learning the history behind Max. Well written and there's some really funny dialogue, so it's a joy to read.

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