Love Letter Generator 2.0 by GobelinEnFeu

You want to say beautiful words to your fated one but you are afraid of sounding ridiculous? You are frightened by the English language but full of burning love? You believe that dead and not so dead poets can wield words better than you? Your cherished one is passionate about literature and romance but you've never opened a book in the past five years? Fear not!
The Love Letter Generator 2.0 is made for you!
With its high performing algorithm built around //your// needs for //your// success in love, The Love Letter Generator 2.0 will never let you down.* We hand-picked the best love quotes ever uttered in the History of mankind to assure you the best chance in your love life.* It may not be your exact words but surely they will sweep away your soul-mate!

*We do not guarantee a positive response from your beloved. Remember: consent is crucial and 'No means No'.
**Sources are provided at the end of the questionnaire.
Review by titecitrouille
12 Nov 2022
My crush accept a date with me after i send him this letter, it's now been two week and i never been this happy

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