French Adventure by jmacpher

Welcome to your French travel adventure. 5 days in France romantique!
Visit historic sites and quaint villages. Stay in luxurious hotels or camp under the stars.
Trade at the market or visit the casino.
Make it to England without running out of money.
Review by agsci
03 Aug 2020
I finally made it to England with money in my pocket and a spare teddy.... I hope the poms like buying teddies at high prices!!

Review by lucideyes
19 Feb 2019
I really like the game- the subtraction of the money constantly is a bit disappointing, it makes it feel like less of a choice and more of a gamble; but that also adds fun to it, wondering which one is worth the gamble of clicking or not. The teddy bear souvenir thing was cool too! I also learned a lot about France as well because of the game. You did a very lovely job with this one friend!

Review by h2000x
08 Feb 2019
Nice, short game, with lovley soundeffects and pictures.

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