Taco Bell by Smallbean

After school, you go to the nearest "Mexican" restaurant, Taco Bell. As you go in, you know something will happen.

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Review by Not Interested
08 Mar 2021
You can go in a register.

Review by mdemslie1
01 Feb 2019
Purposeless, but a little entertaining.

Review by ralphirons
20 Sep 2017
I had fun trying to figure out how to get something to eat. That was the puzzle. I wish I could have looked at things in the store.

Review by Donovan Legends
13 May 2017
The game is just...Bad. Even if you're a beginner, but really? Just, one, it's not really a puzzle, two, it has no purpose. But, it is a text adventure. I remember disliking to have to create a text adventure. I got frustrated as soon as I saw what I was dealing with. So yeah, but still, going to have to give it one star.

Review by Knownbody
10 Nov 2016
With a bland beginning, SmallBean's "Taco Bell" proves more of an amateur attempt to something bigger, with a short story line and no real plot. You are given an array of options (whether you turn left, right, up, down, lest you actually know where you are in terms to the building) while busily making your way to an obscure register (or, at least that's what I got as there is no real intention to begin with) that serves you a joke before ending. I would expect something better (as SmallBean seems to have made this as a test, with poor grammar and an even poorer story) in the future, and maybe a bit more understandable as to not confuse the audience with meaningless directions which do not enhance the game.

Review by iJed Knight
08 Nov 2016
Best game i have ever played 100/100-IGN
P.S: It has the best written story i have ever seen.

Review by Gabe p.
03 Nov 2016
Not a perfect game, but with practice, you can probably get a lot better at writing games. Keep up the good work!

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