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07 Nov 2016

Review for Taco Bell
03 Nov 2016
Not a perfect game, but with practice, you can probably get a lot better at writing games. Keep up the good work!

19 Oct 2016
Not any story whatsoever

18 Oct 2016
Noice. Very, very Noice.

Review for Find the Cookie
18 Oct 2016

Review for Eidolon
18 Oct 2016
Wow. Amazingly well-written... But I would like a better ending. Great story, anyhow

Review for Shade
18 Oct 2016
Wow. Best game I've played in a long time. You're planning a trip to California, but before you can leave, you get sand without exiting your home! Again, wow.

13 Oct 2016
I like it! "Ni! Ni! We will tell you where Grendel lives if you give us one shrubbery!"

04 Oct 2016
YESYESYESYESYES!!!!! Love this game!