Dork by EveLum

Welcome to the first Demons and Bird people adventure game: Dork.

Ok, so by making it public I forgot that it would actually be PUBLIC! So perhaps a bit further explanation would be in order.

The game is based of the tumblr blog demons-and-bird-people, and it is made as if the main character sat down and made a video game. This is the result that came forth.

So I apologize now.

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Review by MisterPibb316
09 May 2015
Funny MS Paint graphics and options, though not many of the latter.

Review by ThatRandomArtist
05 Apr 2015
This was a hilarious fantastic adventure.Too bad it's so short. ;-;

Review by Tallahluh
24 Mar 2015

Review by GJ
30 Jan 2015
Absolute cool game! It took me a wile, until I checked every way.
The writing is super-fun and the little drawings are cute.
It's a bit short, but anyway- 5/5


But the devils "fist" looks like a dong.

Review by Warmaster40k
23 Sep 2014
I absolutely loved all the sexual stuff. Hilarious, shame about it being so small though.

Review by pizzaforthewin
20 Sep 2014
5 - Fantastic 5 - Fantastic 5 - Fantastic oh sorry I could only enter it once but come on... It should be 100 x infinity stars! <3 it

Review by Link6415
30 Mar 2014
Great game! I'm looking for a sequel! ;)

Review by bukimi
14 Nov 2013
Short, but hilarious! Very funny and great pictures!

Review by leos100
03 Jul 2013

Review by Voodoo2100
03 Jul 2013
Totally not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

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