Wizard by Tim Hamilton

You are an aspiring new wizard at the tower wizard guild when something goes horribly wrong.
Can you save your fellow wizards from certain doom?
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by Wonderjudge

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Review by awesomo000011
21 Jul 2017
I find this game highly enjoyable, sometimes to new players this can be confusing, I myself was stuck there until I looked through a couple comments. I recommend this game to people to like wizards, though I do not recommend this to people who don't enjoy magic or wizards

10 Dec 2016
This is a great game it is hard at times and we need to make a walkthrough because Im stuck on how to get sand and pass the statues.

Review by PhoenixFro93
08 Sep 2015
This game is awesome, shame I can't figure it out.

Review by najas15
25 Mar 2014
A very fun and interesting game with interesting and difficult puzzles. A must play for all lovers of fantasy and text adventures!

Review by Vipin
25 Oct 2013
Amazing game. So frustrating when I can't solve puzzles but also very, very fun. A must play if you like text adventures.

Review by cpw144
22 Jul 2013
I love this game!!!!

Review by EragonRules
21 Apr 2013
How do you start!!!!!!

Review by Bald Eagle
11 Jul 2012
Amazing game!!! I LOVED the bremoval and badder spells! Potion making was hard, but worth it. Very well don and good endgame.

Review by stella1
15 Jun 2012
This is a really awesome game! I'll rate this solely on the game, minus my problem with playing on a browser. However, I really just wish I had the pleasure of being able to do the puzzles well.

I played this game on Chrome and Firefox and the dialog boxes that comes up on the screen, and the statue puzzle, bead puzzle, and peg puzzle ends up freezing my scrollbar so I can't scroll down to see my text, or see where I placed pegs/beads. Sometimes the dialog box is out of my view and I can't scroll up to read or click on the options, making it difficult to play continuously (I had to save so much!). I really had to rely on your walkthroughs to get through it. (Except for the statue one - I downloaded the game and played it offline. Very very clever - it took me a while to figure it out but I enjoyed every second of it.) I never quite got the point of the levers though - I randomly pulled them until the items fell out.

If I could save my game offline, I'd play it offline and I feel it'd be much better.

The bremoval and badder spells are hilarious 'cause they're so literal.

The only things I'd wish for is if we could enchant potions to shorten the process. Also instead of MEMORIZE and then the popup menu, I feel it'd be easier to to MEMORIZE LEVITATE or RMEMORIZE BREMOVAL. But I think that's just a personal preference.

I'm checking out your other games now.

Review by tight lips
09 Apr 2012
very good concept, I want to be a wizard someday but its a struggle to do basic things in this game.

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Written by
Tim Hamilton

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Written for Quest 4.1
Published 28 Oct 2009

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