When acting as a particle / When acting as a wave by David T. Marchand

A game with links. The links tell you the story and the consequences of having clicked on previous links. There’s nothing other than links. Can you read that text? Then you can click it!

It’s been said that it’s best not to say much more about it. It was part of the 2014 Fear of Twine exhibition.
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Review by Stripes
08 Jan 2018
Very interesting indeed. *SPOILERS, I GUESS* It seems to be a story of an official who passed a law that the people hate. Wish the story would explain what the law actually was. Unless, of course, it did, and I somehow missed that. Still, not knowing anything about the law other than its controversy makes the final choice to sign or rip apart the law seem kind of pointless. Your character seems torn between the two options, but the reader can't tell why. 4/5.

Review by ethanlu121
05 Jan 2016
Very interesting game.

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David T. Marchand
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Published 14 Feb 2014
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