Fight Chub by Cryaotic

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One boy's journey to settle a score. A score with his dreams. A score that has been needing to be settled for longer than he has been alive.

He needs this.

But will Miles let him settle the score? Or Thomas? Or Walgreens? Find out, today. On the next episode, of Dragon Ball Z. That's probably copyrighted so don't read that please.

This .pdf doesn't include a limited edition Blastoise, but if we could do that, we.. okay we probably wouldn't anyway.

Love, mom.
Review by TheTexter
18 Oct 2018

Review by Nero
16 Jun 2016
Love it so much!

Review by Lawrence Hillis
14 Dec 2015
How is this sandpit? This has more appeal than cod of doodie and madam warfe. Would recommend to all the peeps at the coffee house what i work at.
[update] I got fired for harassing customers about this game. IT WAS WORTH IT.

Review by ChubbyCry
11 Aug 2015
Pretty well done
Mate you have a bright future
Trust me on that

Review by peoplejuice123
04 Aug 2015
It's like a novleized version of Fist of the North Star, but with a chubby kid and a heart-wrenching story of redemption, trains, and blood-soaked pokemon cards, truly a story of the millenium.

Review by SlyCappe
21 Jul 2015
real world this book has made me understand life 10/chili dogs

Review by samwilsonsbae
21 Jun 2015
10/10 chilli dogs
7/7 real worlds

Review by DustyIllusion
20 Jun 2015
A piece of literature that matches that of Shakespeare Hemingway. This is a story of one chubby boy who has a unique love for chili cheese dogs; it will make you laugh, cry and realize the cruelty of the real world. 5 Stars undoubtedly. Must read.

Review by beomingcatherine
15 Jun 2015
good job guys

Review by StarsLiveInMyTea
15 Jun 2015
This heart-wrenching story is one for the ages. It shows symbolism to all walks of life with its words, but only when you dig deep enough. Shakespeare Hemmingway would shed a single tear. I know I did. This daunting tale of failure and triumph over those who beat you down lets children of all walks of life know that punching a train engine in the pee pee does not solve all of the world's problems, but it could just be the only way for you to get your chili dogs. I hope to someday read this to my children to give them a taste of adventure and vomit. But most importantly, this story shows what West Philadelphia Walgreens establishments are where to go when you need a bit more than tree fiddy. I welcome with loving arms a sequel from Chuck-down, so we can see Chubby Bunny in action yet again. I eagerly await the day.

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