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Review for Fight Chub
15 Jun 2015
This heart-wrenching story is one for the ages. It shows symbolism to all walks of life with its words, but only when you dig deep enough. Shakespeare Hemmingway would shed a single tear. I know I did. This daunting tale of failure and triumph over those who beat you down lets children of all walks of life know that punching a train engine in the pee pee does not solve all of the world's problems, but it could just be the only way for you to get your chili dogs. I hope to someday read this to my children to give them a taste of adventure and vomit. But most importantly, this story shows what West Philadelphia Walgreens establishments are where to go when you need a bit more than tree fiddy. I welcome with loving arms a sequel from Chuck-down, so we can see Chubby Bunny in action yet again. I eagerly await the day.