The Titan Kingdoms, a fantasy size adventure v0.3.2 by hexall90

Disclaimer: This work of fiction contains descriptions of explicit violence, sex, and questionable morality. If you are underage, or you are offended by such topics, do not proceed.

The continent has been at war for centuries. Cities and kingdoms fall one after the other to the overlord, who leads an invincible army of titanesses, loyal giant soldiers, nearly invincible in battle. When the overlord's armies invade the republic of Thearn, a young farm girl is captured and forced to participate in a strange ritual, which transforms her into one of the giantesses.

Forced into the the overlord's legions, the young woman will have to face old friends and new enemies, and decide how she will use, or abuse, her newfound power.

Last update: 21/06/2020 | v0.3.2

Prologue: Completed
Chapter One: Completed
Chapter Two: Unfinished
Chapter Three: Planned
Chapter Four: Planned
Epilogue: Planned
Review by BunnyBaby
24 Mar 2021
I really liked it.
Every part was fun.
And the writing was quality
Like- this whole game is on-point
There are probs not any other games on this site that are like this so this one stands out!

Review by Tiny Alex
17 Nov 2020
Interesting and well written. The branching paths offers a lot of re playability. The morality system is a good idea, maybe it'll open up different endings ? I'll wait and see.
Without spoilers, can you confirm that combat rating and strength have an influence on something? So far and after several tests, I didn't see any difference in the story.
Don't know if I have any suggestion. I guess more interactions with Laelia and Valeria? Those were nice. More side missions ? It's an interesting way to flesh out the world.
I would also really like an option to reflect on everything that happens on each chapters, maybe in the form of a dream just before the beginning of the next chapter? For instance, could we examine what happened to our village and how we feel about it? Doesn't have to be too long, but these are probably blanks the players are already trying to fill anyway, so it could be a nice addition.
Anyway, thanks for sharing :)

Review by Higga62
15 Aug 2020
Flawless! even with a material (fetish) like this, it gives unique vibes. Really liked it. All the choices so far were so satisfying. In both storywise and interaction-wise This isn't just some random game that you do "something sexual" every choice (it definitely has many parts like that even by now so don't worry) but it has it's own flow and key characters. Actually, I really wonder story's flow rather than those choices. I will take a seat right here and wait next updates for sure.

Review by kikivalentine
18 Jun 2020
you need to finish it!!! its great!!

Review by Nix7125
10 Jun 2020
Good looking game so far.

Review by HMisora93
12 May 2020
omg. Best thing I've played on here, by far!

Review by AzurRanfan
30 Apr 2020
Absolutely wonderful! You have done a great job with this game.

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